Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Day 4 5 x 5min sketches

Today's challenge involved using a timer to only spend 5 minutes on each sketch.

We were to continue using our fingers and a card.

I began with an eye, I really need to get a couple of pictures  trying to draw from memory is hard.  I am in no way a sketch artist.

No 2  A body, i did google body sketches and saw this one, although it looked simple, it was actually quite tricky and all too soon my 5 min were up.  But you can see where it was headed.

No 3 A flower, trying to do a little sketch of a variety of things, these lily's are my Sister in laws favourite, and I would love to create something special for her in the near future!  I am not happy with the "background" but ran out time.... (there is a  theme here)

No 4  Puppy Love, who doesn't love a puppy??  

No 5 Owl,  one of my very good friends just loves owls, i was trying to create feathers, but kept bumping the ones I had already done, but you can tell what it is and of course the time ran out.....

Owl be looking at you   - I did go on to finish the owl.   It looks ok...   need lots more practice I reckon maybe tomorrow!!  

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