Tuesday, December 16, 2014

picture uploads and links

Kelly has requested we upload a picture to our blog and then link it to her blog so all the participants can see and access it..

So here goes....

I love Giraffes and have a large collection of figurines and other items, I have the user name    chocolategiraffe or chocgiraffe at various places ;-)

I still haven't made one from glass yet !!  lol

Have a fab day

Saturday, December 6, 2014


So far There are participants from  Australia (me),  the USA, Canada, South Africa and Europe.

How do I know we have a map find it here....

As more people join and add their locations we will see how the internet can connect people with a similar passion.

Friday, December 5, 2014

What's this blog all about?

I have started this blog to record and share my journey in a 30 in 30days challenge.

Kelly from Modern Ancient Glass is setting the challenges and teaching us new things. She also has a facebook page modern ancient glass

Another direct link to Kelly Crosser Alge webpage here

I am looking forward to this challenge

here is the blurb/rules/challenge ina nutshell....

Thanks for participating, it's going to be fun!
I'll be adding to this list over the next week or two, (please be patient with me, we have A LOT of folks participating and loads of questions!)  I'll do my best to keep you posted, forgive my inability to make the list line up nicely on the document.  grrrr....
Here is a list of some FAQ's about the Challenge:

Q:  What is the 30 in 30 Challenge all about?
A:  It's about building skills, developing new artistic habits, sharing ideas, and encouraging each other 
     while having a good time with fellow glass artists.  Hopefully it will get you out of your comfort zone    
     and off to new things!

Q:  When does the Challenge start?
A:   January 1, 2015.

Q:  Is this a contest?
A:   No, it's a personal challenge to complete 30 Glass Powder Sgraffito Sketches in the month of January.   
      You are only competing with yourself, and you are the only one who will know if you've completed all  
      30 sketches.

Q:  Is this a class?
A:  No.  Again, it is a personal challenge to improve skills through practice and camaraderie.  I will help  
     guide and encourage you through the challenge and share your work and comments through blog    
Q:  What if I can't do a glass sgraffito drawing every day? Will I be kicked out of the challenge?
A:   No, you won't be kicked out!  lol.   Ideally, it's good to get in the practice of doing a sketch every day,    
      but everyone has crazy schedules and it's not always possible.  You can do as many or as few as you 
      like, on your own timeline.  If you want to skip a few days you can do several on another day that's  
      fine!  Participate as you are able and have fun with it.  

Q:   What materials do I need to participate?
A:   See the file under "Group Docs" for the list.

Q:   Do I need to have a kiln?  Do I have to fire all of my sketches?
A:   No, you don't need a kiln, and you don't have to fire anything unless you want to.

Q:   Are you going to tell us what to make?
A:   Nope.  I will give you some ideas and help guide you through the challenge, but you will decide what  
      you make and how you'll complete your sketches.

Q:  How do I post my daily sketches?
A:  Each day I will post a blog with a link to add a photo of your work to my blog.  This way you'll be able   
     to post your work and view other participants' work in one place.  You'll be able to post one photo per  

Q: Can I post my work directly on the group page instead of to your blog?
A:  No.  We have so many participants that posting individual photos would clog the group page in an  
     instant. Please do not post your photos directly to the group page.  I'll provide directions for you to  
     post your photos before we begin the challenge.